An Open Letter to Guy Lease, Chancellor Lamb and the City College Board of Trustees

Stop Hemorrhaging Enrollment at City College:

End the Racist Payment Policy

 In an email on January 26, 2016, Chancellor Susan Lamb announced
the suspension of the harsh payment policy on a trial basis, “based on feedback” (sustained student organizing).       Read more at the end of this memo.

Activists with Save City College and the student Solidarity Committee (composed of Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, MECHA, P.E.A.C.E.–Pilipinos for Education, Arts, Culture and Empowerment) are writing to ask you to place an item on the Board of Trustees agenda ASAP: the current harsh payment policy that was initiated in October 2013, with the first wave of students being evicted from the college during enrollment for spring 2014.[1] Read more