Civil Rights lawsuit

SAVE CCSF COALITION files a federal civil rights lawsuit

December 3, 2015

SAVE CCSF COALITION filed a federal civil rights lawsuit along with students Otto Pippenger and Dimitrios Philliou, challenging the police misconduct which occurred at a campus demonstration on March 13, 2014, when Otto and Dimitrios were seriously injured by San Francisco police and Community College police. Otto and Dimitrios were exercising their right to speak out against changes in college policies and governance put in place in response to the ACCJC’s decision to terminate CCSF’s accreditation, when police violently attacked the student demonstrators with clubs, fists and pepper spray. Otto and Dimitrios were arrested and incarcerated until the early morning. Neither was ever charged with any crime, but Chancellor Tyler issued a public statement groundlessly accusing the students of violence, while failing to take responsibility for the police officers’