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1/13/2017 –  ACCJC Gives CCSF Full Accreditation for Next 7 Years
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10/21/2015 – Administration Announces Massive Class Cuts:
48 Hills Online:

8/28/2015 – CCCO Task Force Says to Dump the ACCJC:
SF Examiner
Report urges new accreditor for California community colleges
College accreditation group should be replaced, task force says
Inside Higher Ed
California Community Colleges May Seek New Accreditor
Task force report urges new California community college accreditor
AFT 2121
Accreditation Task Force Report: Get Rid of ACCJC!
Chancellor’s Task Force calls for new accreditor
ACCJC Dealt Serious Setback (AFT – American Federation of Teachers)

10/31/14 – People of California vs. The ACCJC:
City College awaits answers from the Student News at Skyline College
(Good summary of where CCSF is right now.)

“Beno reversal City College accreditors try to dig out of a hole” by Tim Redmond

“Accreditation group president denies edits had intent to close CCSF”  Joe Fitzgerald Rodriquez

CCSF trial opens with testimony on  Student Success Task Force, removal of trustees

“ACCJC Prez admits City College got unfair treatment” and “City College Trial opens with dramatic admission” by Tim Redmond

“Accreditation Commission President Testifies commission Was quick to Discredit CCSF” –CBS-

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OPEB Made Simple

“Evaluating Student Success at the City College of San Francisco” by Hans Johnson, from the Public Policy of California website:

SF Examiner 9/22/2014  CCSF case will go to trial next month

SF Examiner 9/11/2014  Sides drawn in courtroom showdown over CCSF accreditation

The Nation Blog 5/15/2014

SF Gate 04/24/2014 CCSF beats accreditors on academic playing field

SFBG 04/15/2014 Accreditors Ask City College to voluntarily terminate its own accreditation

SFBG 01/28/2014 Controversy still brewing over CCSF Admin Pay Raises

LA times  01/26/2014 Critics call for more oversight of California accreditation panel

National Review Online 10/18/2013 Another Accreditor Abuses Its Power

SF Gate 10/18/2013 College accrediting panel seeks to stay afloat

LA TIMES 10/14/2013 Community college accreditation commission under scrutiny again

LA TIMES 09/24/2013 Accreditation Panel sued as SF college faces closure

Ed Source 09/24/2013 Faculty unions sue to keep City College of SF open

SF Examiner 09/24/2013 Teachers’ unions file suit seeking to stop loss of CCSF accreditation

Beyond Chron 08/26/2013 City Attorney Herrera, not the SF Chronicle, is Protecting CCSF

Press Release SF City Attorney 08/22/2013: Herrera Announces Suit against ACCJC

SF Bay Guardian online 08/22/2013: SF City Attorney sues to keep City College open

SF Gate 8/22/2013: San Francisco will file suit to keep CCSF open 8/21/2013: State to audit agency over revocation of CCSF’s accreditation

SF Gate 8/21/2013:  Lawmakers OK probe of accrediting panel over CCSF