On Thursday, March 13 City College students calling for the resignation of Bob Agrella and the reversal of the new tuition policy were beaten and pepper-sprayed by the police. Yet the CCSF administration is now claiming that it was the students who were violent.

What are the facts?

For months Special Trustee Agrella has refused to meet with student representatives, leaving them no option but peaceful protest to make their voices heard. On Thursday, the Agrella administration continued to shut out students and provoked police violence through two unprecedented decisions:

  1. It closed Conlan Hall, a school building open to the public in which many past demonstrations have been allowed, and
  2. Rather than rely on campus police, it brought in dozens of San Francisco City Police, who escalated the situation.

In response, students attempted to open the doors to hold their planned peaceful sit-in. Allegations that students struck or assaulted officers in this process are completely unfounded: video footage clearly shows that all physical assaults were by police against students — not the other way around. Did students such as Otto Pippenger and Dimitrious Philliou deserve to be met with police batons, punches, and pepper-spray for simply trying to enter Conlan Hall to defend their right to an education?

The next day, members of the SF Board of Supervisors and State Assembly denounced the police violence, and are putting forth a resolution calling for the removal of the STWEP and the return of the duly elected CCSF Board of Trustees at the Tuesday, March 25th Board of Supervisors meeting. 

CCSF students remain committed to non-violent protest to demand the resignation of Agrella and the cancellation of the tuition payment policy. Join us this Thursday, March 20th at 2pm in front of Conlan Hall for a peaceful vigil against police violence, to collectively reaffirm why we love our school and why we never want the police violence of last week to occur again.

— Save CCSF Student Committee
Please watch and share the following video which shows the facts about Thursday’s protest: http://vimeo.com/89166943