Students to March on City Hall Tuesday, August 20


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Students to March on City Hall to Demand Mayor Lee Take A Stand to Save CCSF,
Tuesday August 20, 4 pm, City Hall
City College provides an excellent education to tens of thousands of students, yet the ACCJC accreditation commission is threatening to close the school in 2014. But last week the Department of Education announced that the ACCJC has broken numerous federal rules and could itself lose accreditation. “This announcement clearly demonstrates the illegitimacy of the ACCJC and its attacks on City College,” said Eric Blanc, a CCSF student and a member of the Student Committee of the Save CCSF coalition.
Students will march on City Hall to call on Mayor Ed Lee to demand the immediate reversal of the ACCJC’s unjust decision to close CCSF and the negative changes that have come with it. Unfortunately, the Mayor has up to this moment refused to criticize the ACCJC and its decision to close the school; instead, he has openly supported the imposition of a “Special Trustee” dictatorship of Bob Agrella to force through cuts in the name of meeting the demands of the illegitimate and corrupt ACCJC commission. Moreover, Mayor Lee has over the past month systematically ignored the numerous requests of student leaders for a meeting. “If the Mayor actually supports City College and its students, he needs to demand the immediate reversal of the ACCJC’s decision to close CCSF,” said Lalo Gonzalez, a CCSF student and Senator of the Associated Students at CCSF-Ocean Campus.
Students are demanding Mayor Lee publicly support and promote two demands:
1) Drop All ACCJC Sanctions Against CCSF
2) Fire Bob Agrella – End the “Special Trustee” Dictatorship
Just yesterday (8/19/13), “Special Trustee” Agrella announced he has “chosen not to use the DOE letter in our request for review” of the ACCJC decision, claiming that “the best path to maintaining CCSF’s accreditation is to follow the Commission’s rules, regulations, and directions.” In other words, Agrella is siding with this illegitimate rogue body and consciously not including in the college’s appeal the information most likely to overturn the ACCJC sanction (which can only be cancelled on the basis of ACCJC failure to follow rules and procedure.) In the name of imposing cuts, Agrella is sabotaging the fight to repeal the ACCJC decision to close City College.
Though the Mayor does not have the immediate decision-making power to overturn the ACCJC decision, he has the political and moral responsibility as the leader of San Francisco to throw his weight behind the effort to overturn the ACCJC attacks on City College.
Date: Tuesday, August 20, 4pm
Place: San Francisco City Hall
Action Organized by the Student Committee of Save CCSF

 ACCJC illustration by Anthony Mata for The Guardsman