Report from CCSF Delegation to Washington D.C. 2013

CCSF students in front of Capitol
CCSF students Martin, Lalo, Sharon, Lizette, Loana and Itzel in front of the capitol.

The CCSF delegation of 6 faculty and 7 students went to Washington, D.C. from December 11th – December 14th in order to present oral third party comments at the Department of Education hearing on the ACCJC.

This hearing was part of a process whereby the DOE periodically reviews the agencies that accredit institutions. The ACCJC was up for it’s regular 6-year review.

More information about the process.




How did the CCSF Delegation spend their time in Washington?

  • They prepared and practiced their presentations.
  • They gave their comments at the formal hearing of NACIQI.
  • They visited congressional offices to inform and lobby for action on behalf of a fair and transparent accreditation process.
  • They saw a few sights.

Taking video or pictures was not allowed in the hearing. A transcript will be available in a month or so. In the meantime enjoy the links below to various aspects of the trip. This will be updated as more information is sent to the webmaster from the delegates.

Practice Sessions
Mike’s Analysis

Oral Comments of the Delegates
Read the oral comments of Martin, Wendy, Karen, Muriel, Sharon, Mike, Lalo, Loana, Itzel, and Shanell

We may not have obtained exactly what we wanted (delisting of the ACCJC by the DOE), however, if we had not gone, the outcome would have been far worse. We succeeded in having ACCJC’s continued recognition contingent on their coming into compliance within 12 months, and submit a compliance report that demonstrates the agency’s compliance with all issues in the staff analysis report.

Read the explanation from Carol Griffiths Executive Director of the Accreditation Group at DOE.

Read article from Inside Higher Ed

CCSF Delegates with Jackie Speier
Tarik, Shanell, Karen, Alisa, Muriel, JACKIE SPEIER, Martin, Jeff, Lalo, Wendy

Congressional Reports
The AFT National Office set up several lobbying visits for us. Here is the list of visits that we conducted, not counting the one with Jackie Speier. You can see who went to that from this picture!

Met With Staff Representative
Team 1: 
Martin Madrigal Nicholas Hromalik The Honorable Jared Huffman
Karen Saginor Shawn Tiegs The Honorable Michael M. Honda
Muiriel Parenteau Brenna Barber The Honorable Lois Capps
(AFT Jenn & Craig) Priscila Hammett The Honorable Judy Chu
Team 2: 
Shanell Williams Emily Burns The Honorable John Garamendi
Alisa Messer Katelynn Anderson The Honorable Eric Swalwell
Jeff Freitas Sara Nitz The Honorable Karen Bass
(AFT Sarah) Mavonne Garrity The Honorable Alan Lowenthal
Julia Steinberger The Honorable Mark Takano
Team 3:
Itzel Medina Calvo Mariah Jones The Honorable Barbara Lee
Tarik Farrar Ben Gutman The Honorable Zoe Lofgren
Wendy Kaufmyn
(AFT Tor & Alyssa)

Our purpose was to inform our representatives as to what is happening with California Community Colleges and the ACCJC. We want them to work on behalf of a fair and transparent accreditation process. We told them that the first step is for them to reach out to the community colleges in their districts and get informed. We will be following up with more specifics at at a later date.



Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Muriel said the artist of the Lincoln Memorial was deaf. Karen, Wendy and Muriel verified that Lincoln’s hands are reposed in the shape of the letters A and L of American Sign Language.


Viet Nam Memorial
Viet Nam Memorial



The facial expressions are not typical of a war memorial.



Washington Monument
Washington Monument