Here are URL links to a 90-minute video of the panel discussion on Monday, December 15, 2014, organized by Congresswoman Jackie Speier, updating the struggle to Save City College.  It’s on YouTube, and can be watched in its entirety in two parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Nancy Pelosi comes to Chinatown / North Beach Campus for a press conference in support of CCSF struggle with ACCJC.

New Chancellor Art Tyler speaks to the Noe Valley Democratic Club

Champagne Brunch Fundraiser at the home of Jane Morrison on November 24th, 2013

Congresswomen Jackie Speier and  Anna Eshoo and State Senator Jim Beall host forum in Diegp Rivera Theatre “Is the Accrediting process for California Community Colleges Fair and Accountable

Peter Goldstein’s presentation of 2013-14 Budget – August 27, 2013
This budget is up for final approval at the Non-BOT meeting in September
Part I
Part II

SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera – August 22, 2013
Press Conference announcing lawsuits against ACCJC and BOG

Joint Legislative Audit Committee (Sacramento) – August 21, 2013
The JLAC votes (10-1) to audit the ACCJC.

Save CCSF Coalition Meeting at Mission Campus – July 10, 2013
Former CFT President Marty Hittleman presents “ACCJC Gone Wild”

Save CCSF Coalition March to DOE – July 9, 2013
Thousands Demand that Department of Education to Revoke ACCJC’s Authority
Clip of Tom Ammiano speaking at DOE

City College is Open and Fighting Back
Great upbeat video with great message

City College IS San Francisco
Another great video by Nadia Scholnick showing the connection between SF and CCSF

Save CCSF Coalition Press Conference – July 5, 2013
Save CCSF Coalition Rejects Legitimacy of ACCJC Ruling

San Francisco For Democracy Forum – June 26, 2013
CCSF Panel: Rafael Mandalman, Shanell Williams, Wendy Kaufmyn

Save CCSF Coalition Meeting at Mission Campus – June 12, 2013
CFT lawyer Robert Bezemek summarizes complaint against ACCJC

Save CCSF Coalition Protests ACCJC “Secret” Meeting in Burlingame – June 5, 2013
Pictures and Video of Protest

San Francisco Progressive Democrats of America Forum – April 18, 2013
City College of San Francisco City College: What Now? 

Save CCSF Coalition Rally at SF Civic Center – March 14, 2013
The Real produced by David Zlutnick
Footage of Rally – City Hall Must Save City College!
More Footage – City Hall Must Save City College!

Save CCSF Coalition Student Occupation of Conlan Hall – Ferbruary 21,2013
Chancellor Refuses to Listen to Students

Save CCSF Coalition Launch Meeting at Mission Campus – February 6, 2013
SF Community Joins Save CCSF Coalition

Save CCSF Coalition Flex Day Action / Picket of Chancellor’s Welcome Address – January 11, 2013
Making History: The People Fight Back to Save City College

“Teachers Take Back The Truth” – November 1, 2012
The Truth Shall Make You Free

A cartoon explains how corporations and politicians collude to steamroll democracy.
Produced by Mark Fiore, the Center for Media and Democracy, the ALEC Exposed Project and Alliance for a Better Utah.